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What if it all started in Heaven?


What if you had a mission and despite knowing there would be pain and suffering, chose to accept it anyway?


What if your God-given gift could change the world?


This story is based on the premise that God knew us before the foundations of the earth and explores the possibility that our beginnings were in heaven.


Follow the story of Alina, a socially awkward, timid girl who has no memory of her pre-birth life in heaven.


At the age of twelve, Alina begins to have vivid and realistic dreams about heaven.


With each dream, Alina learns a variety of valuable lessons that help her overcome tremendous heartache and gain the tools necessary to fight the evil one who is determined to ensure that her mission on earth is unsuccessful.


It details the beauty of the afterlife, confirms that we were all born with a divine purpose and given extraordinary gifts to face life's challenges.

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Breaking Through Cracks in the Floor of Heaven
Individual and Group Bible Study Workbook

Breaking Through Cracks in the Floor of Heaven is a versatile Bible Study Workbook centered on the faith-based, fiction novel Cracks in the Floor of Heaven, by Michele Renée DeRouin. This ten-week resource can be used for individual reflection and as a group Bible Study. 

This workbook includes 50 themes, over 600 scriptures, and is specifically designed to help you examine the relationships you have with yourself, others and God.  More than anything it is designed to spark your imagination, give you hope for an amazing future and help you discover your eternal significance.

Dig deeper into scripture and learn how to fight the enemy with the promises of God. Finally break through the areas that have been holding you back from discovering His great purpose for your life. Dive into deep waters and learn how to overcome emotional scars, footholds, and unhealthy mindsets and attitudes. 

God wants to exchange your weakness, pain, sadness and fear for strength, healing, joy, purpose, and peace. He wants to bring your pain and suffering out of the dark hidden places and into the light, where His safe and loving arms await because you are not alone.  




Are you questioning if there is a God? If Jesus is real? Or why there is pain and suffering in the world if they do exist? Do you already believe but are mad at God? Then this is a must read for you.

- Emily M.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The premise that we begin our lives in Heaven before we are born on earth made for a wonderful read. 

Vicky H.


I absolutely loved this fast paced, good read!! It moves you quickly through a girl's life full of surprises, and the knowledge of Heaven! I highly recommend to all people

- Happy Customer

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