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Michele Renee DeRouin

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What if it all started in heaven? What if you had a mission and, despite knowing there would be pain and suffering, chose to accept it anyway? What if your God-given gift could change the world? This story is based on the premise that God knew us before the foundations of the earth and explores the possibility that our beginnings were in heaven.

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This just might be one of the most important books you read. It has the power of Randy Alcorn's Deadline, a book that changed my eternity. The novel opens in Heaven with a soul encountering Jesus and angels and enjoying the companionship of a creature she calls Buddy. Yet she is also longing to experience life as a human on earth. Jesus offers her the opportunity to fulfill her wish and she enthusiastically says yes; however, she wants to know if she will be able to return.  "I want you to return." He said. "But that decision will be yours. Only you can make that choice. "The story continues on Alina's 12th birthday and follows her journey through highs, lows, triumphs, and devastation. She remembers nothing of Heaven but begins having vivid dreams of a place she longs for. Michele DeRouin skillfully weaves the salvation story into the story of a young girl growing into womanhood who is trying to find her way home. This is the first novel for Michele. I was able to sit down with her to discuss it and found that, like her novel, she is genuine and honest. I highly recommend Cracks in the Floor of Heaven. It can be purchased through Amazon for your Kindle.  -Pamela Sheldon

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  Swimming from the Shadows

The second book in the "Cracks in the Floor of Heaven" Trilogy.

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